The Summer in St. Pauli is close, we try to attract it with the first BBQ of the year on our local farmers market, St. Pauli Nachtmarkt, including special offers to take away or to put on the grill immediately on the spot.

Every year there will be a big BBQ are in the middle of the market, where you can get tasty sausages, steaks and veggies to put above charcoal. You need some extra vitamins after that long winter? No worries, the Salatbar will offer different kinds of veggies for reasonable prices.

Grill on!


How to grill here?

  1.   buy your food at the farmers and pay
  2.  go to the BBQ and ask the chef to put it for you
  3.   do your shopping and get some drinks from the container bars
  4.  get a plate filled with salads, bread and sauces
  5.  get your food of the BBQ
  6.  choose a table to sit and enjoy your meal

Angebote am 05.04.2017

Der gute Landschinken Holger Fischer

Gourmet Bratwurst oder Krakauer Grillwurst0,80€/Stück
Nackensteaks in Gyrosmarinade8,90€/Kg
Rückensteaks mariniert9,90€/Kg
Putensteak in Mexiko-Curry-Marinade14,90€/Kg
Schweinefilet in Café de Paris19,90€/Kg
Rumpsteak oder Rib-Eye-Steak29,90€/Kg
Lammlachs in Rosmarin-Zitronen-Marinade35,90€/Kg

Finger Dipps Salatbar und Antipasti Khatera Abed

Hausgemachter Krautsalat3,00€/Portion
Gemischter Salat3,00€/Portion
Griechischer Bauernsalat3,90€/Portion
Mozzarella Spieße2,50€/Stück
Dressing: Joghurt oder Essig-Öl 

Der Dinkelmeister

Veganes Laugenschaschlik2,50€/Stück
Veganes Currywurst Ciabatta2,00€/Stück


Feta eingelegt3,50€/Portion
verschiedene Käsespieße3,50€/Stück
verschiedene Frischkäsesorten zum Dippen1,50€/Becher

A. Urthel Krabben & Fischdelikatessen