Summer in St. Pauli is not far off and we will be opening the season at the St. Pauli night market on 28 March with the traditional barbecue – with great offers to take away and to grill directly on site.

As every year, there will be an extra barbecue area on Spielbudenplatz where you can grill sausages, steaks, vegetables and everything else your heart desires. There will also be a salad bar serving a wide variety of vegetables at affordable prices.

Grill on!

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How to grill here?

  1.   buy your food at the farmers and pay
  2.  go to the BBQ and ask the chef to put it for you
  3.   do your shopping and get some drinks from the container bars
  4.  get a plate filled with salads, bread and sauces
  5.  get your food of the BBQ
  6.  choose a table to sit and enjoy your meal