Summer 2016: It all started with a broken heart, and secret songwriting in a dark, small room somewhere in Malta. Back home Bianca Paloma Marstaller found herself with a guitar in her hands in a flat, somewhere in Viertel, Bremen, where usually all of her friends gathered for a few drinks and occasional jam sessions. And while she played her song ideas to her long-standing friends Kai Kampf and Tom Wagner, they looked at each other with a suggestively glance.

Many hours in the rehearsal room later, after writing additional music and recording first demos, they finally shot the music video for the first single „Out of Sight, Out of Mind“ by Paloma & The Matches.

Now, one year later, the three musicians, who also got experiences in other successful bands like The Eternal Spirit and The Cheap Hoes, are ready to make their way to the stages and to bring their mix of psychedelic rock, folk and pop to the people. For their live shows they are featured by Nils O’Swald on the drums. What to expect at their live shows? Colourful lights, a soulful voice, catchy guitar and bass reefs and lots and lots of glitter.