Emily Davis has always found solace in the sea. Her earliest childhood memory of being knee deep in the shallows, watching the swell grow as a thunderstorm rolled in to the shore, hints at her fascination with the cinematic spectacle of the ocean. ‘There’s something utterly compelling about the sea. In every dream I have at night, the sea is usually the star of the show. It’s the thing I feel most in tune with.’

Despite leaving the Eyre Peninsula as a small child, her connection with the sea remains unbroken. So, it’s no surprise that the endless sea, and the drama it conjures is a symbolic feature of most songs on Davis’ third studio album, ‘You, Me & the Velvet Sea.’ ‘It’s not a concept album,’ says Davis. ‘But, nearly every track features the symbolism of the sea. In a way, the sea becomes the metaphor for love, in all its incarnations, which is the driver behind every song.’

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