St. Pauli Nachtmarkt is not a usual farmers market. Its filled with high-quality products from the region, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, flowers, … But located in the heart of Reeperbahn on the Spielbudenplatz, the opening hours fit the late hours of action, shopping and eating here.

Combined with Street Food and to-go offers, this market, St. Pauli Nachtmarkt, did become a meeting place for after work for residents and tourists to do shopping and enjoy good food and the relaxed atmosphere in the middle of the trouble of the night.

Nachtmarkt Specials

One last BBQ


The Summer in St. Pauli says slowly bye bye, so the Spielbudenplatz invites you for the traditional last BBQ of the year. Like every year there is will be a big BBQ area in the middle of the farmers market where everything you want, like sausages, steaks and veggies will be grilled for you.

Finally! Borecole!


Ring ring, it’s borecole season. Bore… what? Borecole! A very traditional and tasty meal for the cold season, domiciled especially in the northern, cold parts of Germany. From 4 to 10 pm you can try the solid menu to give you a good base for the Schnaps, usually accompanying that dish.

Opening hours

April – September: Every wednesday from 4pm – 11pm
October – March: Every wednesday from 4pm – 10pm


Impressions of St. Pauli Nachtmarkt

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